Friday, August 26, 2011


The way the media is talking you'd think that Hurricane Irene was a Cat 5 instead of barely a 2. In fact, when she gets as far north as New York City and Massachusetts, she likely will have been downgraded to a tropical storm. Yet you'd think it was the end of the world.

If she was bearing down on Biloxi, Mobile, or Pensacola, then there might be a mention on the news channels and some decent coverage on The Weather Channel (where every weather "event" beyond a summer thundershower is cause for panic). But now that Irene is headed for the northeastern corridor it is a potential national disaster in the making. Is there anywhere up there that hasn't been evacuated already (before the first raindrop has fallen)? I suppose that tells you a lot about how the mainstream media see the north versus the South. One place important, the other not so much.

One thing I never want to hear again is smug Yankees laughing at Southerners trying to deal with a snowstorm. Natural disasters cut both ways, bitches . . .

Live well . . .

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