Thursday, December 30, 2010


Check out my speech in South Carolina in November here:

I was honored to be asked to speak at the 150th anniversary of the active beginning of the secession movement in the South. The first secession gathering took place on Secession Hill in Abbeville, SC, on 22 November 1860. Less than a month later--on 20 December 1860--the sovereign State of South Carolina left the union.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The criminals in charge of the DC empire are getting bolder with each passing day. They don't seem afraid these days to admit to bailing out foreign banks with our money or threatening our ability to feed ourselves from our own home gardens. Indeed, these self-appointed "Masters of the Universe" are determined to press ahead with their agenda of tyranny in spite of what we think about it. And in January, they plan to raise taxes on us.

Among the common people there is a quiet, yet stirring, desperation. The elites would be wise to pay heed to it. If properly harnessed and led, it could be a very destructive force. And I'm talking about positive destruction. Namely, I speak of the destruction of the current system that supports the organized criminal enterprise commonly known as the US government (writ large to include the multitude of non-governmental hanger-oners).

There is a limit beyond which a people who have known some degree of freedom and prosperity cannot be pushed. I contend that that limit is about to be reached. Once events begin to unfold, I pray that the people will stick together and not be mislead by the lies of the official Propaganda Ministry (otherwise known as the Mainstream Media). The real criminals will brand the people as outlaws in hopes of raising public sentiment against them and in support of the regime. Let us not be fooled by their lies.

We must understand who the real enemy is. Otherwise, we will be set against each other and the tyrants will continue to sit over us. As a Southern nationalist, I hope my own people can awaken and led this fight for freedom on the North American continent.

It is time to get ready for the struggle . . . don't wait until tomorrow. In the meantime, live well . . . .