Thursday, August 18, 2011


There will be QE 3 in some form or another beginning Monday, 22 August. In fact, we should have realized this a little while back when the Fed committed to ZIRP for another two years (by the way, ZIRP stands for Zero Interest Rate Policy). Anything to make money cheap and readily available. It is said by his critics that this is all Ben Bernanke knows how to do; it's all the ammo in his gun. And it won't do anything expect make the situation worse in the long run. But he knows this . . .

Today, the Fed opened up a $200 billion dollar swap line to the National Bank of Switzerland, a sure sign that the European liquidity crisis will be the hinge on which a new quantitative easing policy turns. Tomorrow (19 August), the markets will crash further and there will be threats of major Euro-banks going under. Gold will skyrocket. This will be all the cover Bernanke and the Fed need to ride to the rescue with some form of QE 3. It will be a massive worldwide effort (again).

All of this is a manufactured crisis, designed by the Fed and their corrupt bankster buddies. It will permit them to keep in place the inflationary policy that 1) continues the confiscation of assets worldwide by the banksters and 2) sets the stage for an ultimate hyper-inflationary event that will destroy sovereign nations and long-standing political systems.

Can the criminals stage manage such a big show? Can they keep the QE bus between the ditches? Stay tuned for the show. May God have mercy on us all. Live well . . .

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