Thursday, June 18, 2009

Living well . . .

Welcome to Living Well is the Best Revenge Blog! I hope at least a few people will read this blog and get something good from it.

In these days of financial, economic, and political turmoil we often forget those things that make life worth living. We tend to worry too much about things way beyond our control. Consequently, life becomes a burden rather than a joy. This is not to say that we ought not be concerned about things going on around us--we certainly should. But the way we choose to react can make the difference between a life of misery versus one of happiness and contentment.


The Bible tells us that the love of money is the root of all evil. I believe this with all my mind and heart. It is idolatry, pure and simple. But money itself, at least the modern manifestation of it in federal reserve notes ($FR), can be a great evil. Let's look at it this way. He who creates the money owns not only the money but also those who use it. In our system, it is fiat money, which means that it is "money" because the government says it is. And if you choose to participate in the economy you doubtless will have to use it. When we use the American Empire's money, we give power to those who created the money.

But there is more. We also give great power to those who are in positions to manipulate the money through laws and arcane mathematical machinations (lying about asset values, cooking the books, setting interest rates, etc.) These are people who have never had any dirt under their fingernails, and thus have never produced anything really usable for anyone's benefit. You know the type. But under cover of all this abstraction, they deal out more misery than a marauding army. The proof? In the past year, everything denominated in $FR has lost about one-third of its value. By the end of 2009, its likely to be much worse.

How do you live well under these dire circumstances? First of all, make a determined effort to exchange those depreciating $FRs for things that are actually useful to you. The longer you wait, the less you are likely to receive in real value for your paper. But once you understand that money--$FR--has little to do with real wealth and happiness, then you can quit worrying about the rat race and the accumulation of something that actually enslaves you. Remember, he who creates the money controls those who use it.


So stop worrying about someone else's money and get busy living well. And how, you might ask, can I do that? No matter how threatening the future looks, I recommend the following: (1) Quit running yourself ragged. Slow down, get plenty of rest, and enjoy the simple things around you. (2) Don't live your life by the punch-clock. Modern industrial and post-industrial society demands that our work be separated from our real lives. That's not how our ancestors lived in a much simpler time. Don't consent to be a rat in this race. Life and work should be one seamless endeavor, and they both should be pleasurable (note: I did not say "easy"). (3) Be flexible. If you are the sort who has to do everything from a pre-arranged list, then you will miss opportunities to enjoy life. I'm not saying to avoid making any plans at all; rather, I am urging you to be willing (and able) to move in a different direction at the spur of the moment. (4) Avoid the "herd mentality" that ensnares most of society. There are unscrupulous people out there who make their livings by giving you false information which, unfortunately, becomes the "conventional wisdom" of the day. Learn to think for yourself and take the consequences. Life is no fun when you are a mental robot. And finally, (5) be happy in spite of all the bad stuff going on around you. Smile and be thankful for the blessings you do have (and they likely are many). Also, draw unto yourself other happy people, while avoiding those who are always glum and pessimistic. Life is too short to frown.

Thanks for reading my first post. Now, I'm off to listen to some Led Zeppelin and cook a couple of range-fed, hormone-free ribeye steaks on the grill. Live well . . .

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