Monday, June 22, 2009


The people in charge of running America and its financial and economic business are not doing such a good job for the people they purport to serve--us. The lapdog mainstream media, the fourth branch of government, have been telling us for weeks that a recovery is underway and all will be well by year's end if not before. Numerous commentators have told us about "green shoots" coming up amidst the dried out foliage that has accumulated on the economic terrain since 2007. Politicians, cabinet secretaries, high-level bureaucrats, and bankers all trumpet that flush times are a-comin' if we'll just let them do more of what they've done already.

Are they telling us the truth? I don't think so. Is it because they are trying to fleece us or is it because they simply don't know what's going on? In other words, are they knaves or fools? I suspect the former. Does it really take a balding Fed Chairman to understand that printing trillions of dollars will eventually cause terrible inflation? Does it take a baby-faced, curly-haired Secretary of the Treasury to see that, despite "quantitative easing" (printing money to buy our own Treasury debt) there is a growing liquidity shortage and virtually no new economic activity? Can only The Terminator himself know that California--the sixth largest economy on earth--is on the verge of bankruptcy (and there's not Chapter 9 or 11 for States)? I could go on, but you get the general idea. If you and I can see these things why can't the "experts?"

On the one hand, if I am wrong and these people are merely fools, they should be immediately replaced in their positions of responsibility by adults (and then given a good spanking and sent off to bed without any champagne and caviar). Then perhaps we could at least begin to find a commonsense way out of this mess. If, on the other, they are knaves guilty of starting and managing this crisis for their own power, ambition, and wealth, they should be treated as common criminals.

Let me state my opinion plainly--the US government and its allies in banking and big business constitute an organized criminal enterprise that has pulled off the biggest con job in the history of the world. And they're still at it.

But the real culprits in this sorry episode will be us--We the People--if we let them continue unopposed with the swindle. The American ruling elite will stop their looting only when we make them stop and not a second before. Remember, they work for us and not we for them. Constitutionally speaking, we, the citizens of the separate and sovereign States, are the Master and the general (or federal) government is the Servant. Somehow, things have gotten reversed. It's time to turn things back right-side up. In other words, we need a true revolution to put the Master--We the People--back in our constitutionally-mandated place on top. If that doesn't happen soon, the Republic is lost (perhaps it already is). Don't let the knaves and fools in DC and on Wall Street destroy every shred of our dearly-won liberty and prosperity. Act like a free man or woman. Your ancestors did. Time may be short, so don't delay in doing your duty to yourself, your family, and future generations.

Oh, I forgot one other solution--secession and independence from DC. Let them loot and plunder each other while we start over. Live well . . .

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