Thursday, June 25, 2009


Just back from hiking beautiful Dismals Canyon in northwest Alabama. It was nice to be away from "civilization" for a few days.

A question: what does the average American do to protect his livelihood and life itself from the gangsters who are running our political, economic, and financial systems? If you look closely at what has happened over the past decade or so, you will see that we've become a Third World banana republic (and I use the term "republic" as it was used in, say, the old USSR). The American people have been and are still being robbed in broad daylight by the Elite Insiders who pump up and then deflate one bubble after another. They win and the little guy loses. And it's all sanctioned and protected by DC. The next bubble? Cap-and-trade. You can bet that the Insiders have already positioned themselves to screw us in this multi-trillion dollar scam over the next few years. Bank on it.

As I've said before, these criminals are not going to stop until we make them. Withdraw your consent from this corrupt regime (Democrat and Republican), get your assets out of their grasp (i.e. turn your money into tangible, usable things that will assure your survival), and prepare to tell them to go to hell when they come around trying to loot you (0r worse) in person.

John C. Calhoun, the greatest American political philosopher, once said that "only power can check power." He was right. Gangsters and criminals in high places understand only one thing--power. We have the numbers if we have the will to use them. As Charlie Daniels once said: "There's more of us [rednecks] than there are of them." Get up off your sofa and get busy. Your liberty and prosperity are at stake. Live well . . .

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