Friday, March 4, 2011


Southerner--be honest: Do you really want to live in a Third World country?

I suspect your answer is "no" (or perhaps "hell no!").

Well, you are on the verge of living in such a place (and some of you are already there in Texas and other select areas around Dixie).

You know this is not happening by accident, don't you? It's not that things would be better if the feds could only be persuaded to enforce the law. It is their intention not to enforce it. Theirs is an open borders policy designed to dilute the "old people" (i.e. those Anglo-Celtic and other Euro-Southerners) whose families actually settled the South and to replace us with a "new people" who will be much more malleable and compliant to a dictatorship.

What's at stake here is literally your (and your children's and grandchildren's) future--your life, your land, and your prosperity.

If you can't rouse yourself to take this situation seriously you're a dead man, either sooner or later.

The fundamental solution is for the Southern States to leave this corrupt empire and form their own republic, and the sooner the better.

You say that can't be done for myriad reasons (excuses, really): it's been tried once in the 1860s and failed; it is unconstitutional; it is impractical; it would mean war, etc. etc.

But to toss aside this solution because someone in DC might not like it is to resign one's self to defeat and destruction.

I shall not do that. I hope you'll join me in resistance.

To begin, go to and

Live well. . .

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  1. Well, I hate to take your Southern slant away. But speaking as a Washington State born sympathizer to your right to secede, the whole continent is suffering from a invasion of a foreign culture and the added indignity of payrolling the whole dam thing.

    I know, I know, and you're right.