Thursday, March 3, 2011


I have withdrawn my consent from this wicked regime. It is an American Empire, not a republic. It is an organized criminal enterprise, not a republic.

And it does not matter if the Democrats or Republicans (or a combination of the two) are in control of the Presidency or the Congress.

The criminal activity will not stop until enough of us withdraw our consent. What does this mean in reality? It means not acting as the eyes and ear, hands and feet, of the regime. They cannot function without their minions out in the provinces and boondocks. Without hirelings, they are senseless and thus powerless.

Don't help them bring about your own destruction. Do not use their institutions; rather, create your own. Do, use, and buy local as much as possible. Socially ostracize those who continue to cooperate with the regime's criminals--make life uncomfortable for them. Do not spend your "money" with those who support the regime. And finally, be an all-round "problem" for the regime at every turn. Use your imagination and good old common sense. You don't have to submit without a fight! You are a free man or woman, aren't you?

Live well . . .

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