Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Socialism, in all its forms, has been proven by history to be an abject failure. China has abandoned it, the old USSR died of it, and the Euro-Zone is now learning the same hard lesson. So why does the Obama regime insist on implementing socialism in America?

The reason is clear to me. Socialism is a purposeful means of destruction. You see, "Hope & Change" meant first tearing down the old. Socialism is the battering ram that will finally destroy the US dollar and economy, thus clearing the decks for whatever sort of politico-economic regime the Progressives have up their collective sleeve.

The real enemy of the Progressives is the small freeholder--small businessmen, entrepreneurs, farmers, craftsmen, and anyone else who desires to be free and independent of the big government-big business nexus. You are slated for destruction, and if you resist you will be cast as an obstacle to "progress." The mainstream media will make sure you and your kind are branded as such.

Be a fierce and principled opponent. Don't give in to fear. Fight back at every step. Don't put your faith in the GOP, the Tea Party movement, or anything else that advocates working within this corrupt system. The Progressives of both the Left and Right control the system and they will not allow meaningful reform to take place.

The antidote to American socialism, whether from the Democrats or Republicans (yes, I said "Republicans"), is secession and independence. It is not half measures such as States Rights or State sovereignty within the current "union." It is certainly not Tea Party-style "elect more conservative Republicans" reform.

You have a clear choice. Live well . . .

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