Thursday, March 4, 2010


The Obama regime seems a bit itchy to get some sort of Health Care Reform passed by Easter. We are told that his compassion for the American people compels him to act now. But would these health care reform provisions kick in immediately? No, it would actually be several years before anything happens to effect your physical health. However, something would begin right away to effect your financial health--the new taxes contained in the overall plan.

What are we to make of this? First, that "health care" is not the central focus of the Obama regime's efforts. Second, that they need money (i.e. your taxes) and they need them . . . yesterday. In other words, this is not about health; it is about money in a hurry. And why is this? Because the US government is broke and desperate.

As I (and many others) have said before, it is an alarming state of affairs when the US government is buying massive amounts of its own debt to keep things afloat. The bubble-blowing charade known as Quantitative Easing may last for a while, as it is not yet common knowledge among the people. However, math always trumps politics. And there is the equivalent of a weapon of mass financial destruction ticking closer and closer to detonation--the bond market. And no one--not even the President--can mess with the bond market and win.

To prevent an utter collapse in bond prices, the Fed will find it necessary to significantly increase its buying of US debt (i.e blowing the bubble bigger and bigger). And when (not if) the bond market bubble bursts, it will be the US government itself that will need the grandfather of all bailouts. If US taxpayers or foreign creditors are unwilling or unable to pay up (and they will be unable), and if massive hyperinflation is to be avoided, a US government default will be the only option. At that point, the dollar dies, as do all other paper fiat currencies. What then happens to all those Credit Default Swaps and other derivatives taken out as insurance against such a calamity? They, like the dollar, become meaningless. Chaos reigns.

When this happens, you must have land, food, water, and the three precious metals--gold, silver, and lead--if you expect any chance of survival. Currency and things denominated in such terms will be worth less than the paper they're printed on. At that point, we and the elites who brought on this hell will finally understand what is real wealth and what is merely a mirage. We'll also understand who has been producing that wealth for the last 30 years--the lowly farmer or the high and mighty Goldman Sachs trader.

Live well . . .

Audemus jura nostra Defendere!

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