Tuesday, August 4, 2009


We hear much talk today about dissenters against the U.S. government being labeled "domestic terrorists." That's just another way of saying "rebels." But for the U.S. government to call dissenters by these names is to turn reality upside down. What do I mean here?

According to the Law of Preemptory Accusation, whatever traits the accuser attributes to the accused, you can be sure fits the former and not the latter. Simply put, if the accuser calls you a liar, he is really the liar. If he calls you a hater, he is the real hater. And so forth . . .

My contention here is simple: the U.S. government, since it quit abiding by the Constitution, has been in rebellion against us, the American people. If some action is unconstitutional it is, by its very nature, unlawful. And what is unlawful is, ipso facto, criminal. Hence my reason for calling the U.S. government an Organized Criminal Enterprise, Gangster Government, etc.

We, as dissenters against criminal government, are not domestic terrorists or rebels striving unlawfully to bring down a legitimate government; instead, we are patriots seeking to rein in an overbearing and rebellious government that threatens both our liberty and prosperity. There are several ways of protecting ourselves. My preferred method is secession by the States. It is a time-honored and Constitutional remedy (no matter how loudly the Establishment may deny it).

In other words, we have the moral high ground, regardless of what the U.S. government or its lap-dog media might say. Live well . . .

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